What is eCommerce Packaging? | An Ultimate Guide


E-commerce packaging is much more than the safe arrival of a product in the customer’s hand. It is the easiest way to share the story behind your brand with your customers through creative packaging. Making a good first impression on new buyers is easy with a little bit of imagination both inside and outside the box. 

What is E-commerce Packaging?

Ordering something online to its arrival in good condition is what e-commerce packaging is all about. E-commerce refers to the shipment of the product you sell online, safely sending it from the warehouse to the customer’s hand. The packaging material aims to keep the product protected from any shock, damage, and environmental effects. 

Importance of E-commerce Packaging

A visible increment is seen in the e-commerce business after Covid-19. People now know they can easily purchase anything online without hustling to market stores for their needs.

If you are running an online business, it is a golden opportunity for you to win the trust of your customers and make them return to you with the right packaging. Here, we have mentioned why e-commerce packaging is beneficial for your business.

1. Brand Image 

Using eCommerce packaging will help you in boosting your customer experience. You can win a customer with your remarkable packaging, resulting in more orders, getting referrals, increasing sales, and building a brand reputation. 

2. Safety 

When it comes to eCommerce packaging, the product’s safety is basic. The package and the product can be easily damaged from the merchant to the customer during shipment. 

Consumers hope to receive a product that is functional and worth their money. Investing in secure and reliable packaging can help you deliver on this expectation.

3. Customer Allure

By selecting the right design, materials, and colors, you can make a great imact and create a positive image of your products. Make sure to create packaging that genuinely appeals to your audience.

By doing so, you can provide your customers with a tempting and satisfying experience.

4. Make Your Product Shine

If you want to stand out from your competitors, a unique packaging design can make it easy for you. One way to make it different is by using different styles, colors, and fonts. Another great idea is to invest in distinctive shipping materials like courier bags, corrugated boxes, or eco-friendly boxes. 

If you have luxurious products, you can create stylish packaging that gives them an extraordinary feeling. It’s all about making a great impression!

How do you Create Booming E-commerce Packaging?

There are many factors to consider when designing packaging for shipment and your customer’s unboxing experience, but you should not forget sustainable packaging. 

Try to understand your customer’s mentality and the trend, as consumers are now more conscious about environmental changes than ever, so even a great unboxing experience is not enough.

With a message that your brand is concerned about sustainability and an unforgettable unboxing experience, you can enhance your brand reputation immensely.

Moreover, It will be a good idea to design packaging that perfectly fits your product. It will help you reduce extra or unnecessary costs when shipping your product.

Options for Material Thickness

The thickness of the material is chosen according to the product’s shape, weight, and size. Corrugated boxes are used for this purpose, which are made from three pieces of cardboard. It is a typical cardboard box but becomes durable with added layers to protect against shocks, moisture, and temperature changes. 


The average thickness of the E-flute is between 1mm to 1.5mm. An e-flute corrugated cardboard can hold 1 to 10 lbs of weight. These boxes are best for packaging beauty, make-up, software, or retail products. 


The B-flute average thickness is about 3.0m. A b-flute corrugated cardboard can hold 1 to 30 lbs. It is best for packaging heavy items such as shoes, electronics, industrial products, etc.

Types of E-commerce Packaging

Ecommerce packaging comes in customizable options. Here, we list some commonly used packaging types by different brands for their products to help you. 

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are great for packaging options because they are light in weight, solid, and recyclable, which makes them budget-friendly and saves you from extra shipment charges. 

Poly Bubble Mailers:

If you are sending small, fragile items like books, jewelry, or handcrafted goods, go for nothing else than poly bubble mailers. These envelopes have extra protection to keep your items safe and secure during shipping. Keep in mind that some padded mailers may be supported with extra bubble wrap, which can increase the cost and be less sustainable.

Bags and Envelopes:

For small shipping items, it is advised to use fortified bags and envelopes such as poly mailers or plastic mailer bags. These shipping bags are durable, adjustable, cheap, waterproof, and easily stored. They are perfect for shipping clothes and other similar products.

Custom Packaging:

Custom packaging is needed for a more effective and budget-friendly way to ship your products. With this type of packaging, you can create boxes and protective materials that are tailored to fit your product perfectly. Custom packaging is the best solution, no matter what you sell, from the food and beverage, health, or beauty industry.