What is an Unboxing Experience?


The unboxing experience is the process of opening and unpacking an online purchased product by the customer for the first time. It is the first physical interaction between the product and the customer. It differs greatly from an ordinary purchase in rough and dull brown mailer boxes.

In the past, only luxury companies focused on delivering a valuable unboxing experience to their customers. Nowadays, due to the tough competition in the online market, sellers are more concerned about creating unforgettable unboxing experiences to receive positive feedback from their customers. 

It has become a trend to capture the unboxing experience and share it online on social media platforms only if an unboxing process is designed in a memorable way. Over time, unboxing videos have become a popular marketing tactic for brands. Social media plays a big role in helping people discover new products through these videos.

Importance of Unboxing experience

Unboxing experience is a great way of positive marketing that results in more sales. Getting customer relations and creating a positive first impression for businesses is vital. Because being an online seller, you have no shop where your customer reaches to check the product personally before purchasing it. A skillfully designed unboxing creates a lasting impression and wins your customer’s trust.

Branding Through Unboxing Video

A huge amount of money is required for the marketing and branding of your product. But now, you can easily do it with the budget in your pocket by simply sponsoring or gifting an unboxing experience with an influencer with millions of followers. 

It is the easiest and quickest way for a brand to reach the right audience. You can get thousands of new potential customers with a single unboxing video shared on the right social media platform.

Make a Positive First Impression 

Being a brand, you are not selling your product for one time only. To win a customer, you have to create a positive first impression. Unboxing has the potential to make the first impression positive, as it shows the quality of the product and kickstarts the customer’s experience. It’s also a fun and exciting moment that gives users a great feeling.

It Tells Your Brand’s Story

It is an effective way to tell your brand story, which is vital for the success of any brand. You have to show off why and how your brand is unique when the competition is so high. Customers always get attracted to the things they find unique and different from others. A lovely unboxing experience will serve you the best in this.

Six Unique Ideas to Create a Great Unboxing Experience

Creating a memorable unboxing experience from scratch can be challenging but will surely pay back. This is because a worthy unboxing is much more than pretty packaging. Unboxing should have the following characteristics. 

  • Customer-friendly experience
  • Portray your brand image and story
  • Beneficial for both

Here, we have listed some creative and unique ideas to make your unboxing experience exciting and valuable for your customers.

Eye-catchy Exterior packaging

The exterior packaging of your order is the first thing your customers see. That is why adding your logo and brand colors is the perfect opportunity to brand your company. It will create a sense of excitement for your customers and keep their attention. It is a slight touch with meaningful impact.

Unique packing material

Choosing the proper packaging is essential for enhancing the unboxing experience, such as going for kraft packaging with ribbons and accessories if you have any standard product. 

Suppose you have any premium product; go for unique packaging material with impressive printing options. It is an excellent way to impress your customers.

Branded Sticker and Mailer Bags

A small business that generates little profit should look for alternative packaging options rather than investing in custom-printed boxes. Use custom-printed stickers or packing tape to decorate your mailer boxes. It is a great option for showing your brand elements.

Similarly, if your product is small or light in weight, sending them in mailer boxes or custom boxes is unreasonable as it costs you high shipment charges and might result in loss. Branded mailer bags or envelopes with stickers showcasing your brand will serve you best in this case.

Dazzling Interior packaging

From the journey from online purchase to delivery and impressive outer look, now comes the major part: Interior Packaging! 

You can amaze your customers with your exceptional product presentation or by adding branded inserts such as tissues, cards, or thank-you notes. Indeed, a customer is looking for an undamaged product and a dazzling presentation. Your branded inserts having your brand story will help you meet their expectations.

Your New Product Sample

Customers love to look for something extra. Getting it on the same budget makes them feel loved and cared for. It will help you in the long run as on launching a new product, you need its reviews, but if someone does not use it, how will you get reviews for it?

Adding a small packaging sample of your new product will give them a wow factor of getting something extra and give you a chance to get reviews and branding without investment!

Discounted Coupons

Customers love to avail discounts and sales. It has been seen that it is a widespread money-making strategy to offer discounts or sales. 

It gives customers a smart feeling of saving money, encouraging them to purchase more. Retaining customers by giving discount coupons is another good idea.