What are Different Types of Packaging Materials?

packaging material

All products need packaging to reach safely to the consumer.

Packaging is essential for any business, as no product can be given or shipped directly by hand. It applies to all products, from food to electronics.

The packaging for different products should be customized to match their shapes and sizes. Many packaging companies are offering 100% customization with multiple options to product manufacturers. The knowledge and choice of the right packaging material is vital for selecting product packaging. 

Here we have the list of materials that are used in the Packaging industry:

Kraft Stock

The best material that plays a vital role in saving the earth and environment is Kraft Stock which is a 100% recyclable packaging material made from wood pulp to provide an earthy texture. Color printing on this material is dull, but printing in black and white colors appears good.

Two stock options are available in Kraft material that is:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Kraft Card

If your product is light in weight, go for Krafte paper. Otherwise, Kraft cards are the best choice for slightly heavy products. 


The most usable material in packaging is cardstock. There is hardly any product whose packaging does not include cardstock material. 

Cardstock, also known as cardboard. Cardboard comes with many options for printing and designing. If you want to print on the card’s front side only, bleach cards are used for this purpose. But art cards can have printing on both sides. Almost any box style, and product can be made from this material.

Moreover, corrugated cardboard is also made of 2 layers of cardstock, and one in between them, a flute layer, is used to create a corrugation. We use E-flute 1/16” and B-flute 1/18”. Corrugated material is used for mailers and shipping boxes.

Also, Rigid boxes are made from this material by pasting layers of cardboard one on another to make it hard. These boxes are used for luxury, premium packaging.


Paperboard is a material that is thicker than standard paper and is made from paper threads. It has unique properties, such as its ability to fold and maintain its shape, which makes it ideal for packaging and other uses.

There is no clear distinction between paper and paperboard. It is just their specialized features that make it useful for thorough applications. The following types are used for different packaging in paperboard material:

  • Art Paper is used for inside and outside printing
  • Bleach Paper is used for one-side printing
  • Morocco Paper is harder than another paperboard, which comes in different colors and is hard to tear.
  • Texture Paper is soft paper with a woven or wavy texture but comes in soft. 

Wrap it up!

We have gathered all the information above for you that will help you to choose the proper packaging for your product that looks great, lasts a long time, and is suitable for the environment. I hope it will work for you!