7 Easy Steps to Create Attractive Cosmetic Boxes


The cosmetic industry is one of the leading industries in the whole world. There are currently $380.2 billion in global cosmetics industries, and the US cosmetic product sales exceed $49.2 billion annually. So, there is a lot of competition in the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic boxes are one of the essential packaging solutions for cosmetic products. Any cosmetic business needs to create an attractive, unique, memorable package that stands out from the rest of the competition. This complete guide will walk you through all the steps you need to take to make attractive custom cosmetic boxes that will grab the customers’ attention.

Step 1: Choose the Right Material

The material of your box should match the product inside. Generally, corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper are used for heavier items such as skincare products. Meanwhile, glossy papers like C1S are more suitable for lipsticks or eye shadows.

To make your box sturdier and more attractive, use sturdy cardboard with thick walls to ensure they are not easily damaged while being handled and stored. First and foremost, consider the materials used in your box. Cardboard boxes are one of the most popular materials as they are solid and lightweight, making them perfect for packaging cosmetics.

Corrugated cardboard is also an excellent choice for additional protection against moisture, but this will cost more than regular cardboard boxes. Other materials like wood and metal can be used for a luxurious look, but these are usually expensive and require more work.

Step 2: Choose the Shape Wisely

The next step is deciding on a shape for your box. Depending on the size and shape of your cosmetics products, you may opt for traditional rectangular or square-shaped boxes or even curved designs for added aesthetic appeal. Custom-shaped packages with cutouts for handles or latches are also available to make opening easier while keeping products secure during transport.

Step 3: Get Creative with the Design

This is where you can show off your creativity and design an aesthetic-looking packaging that captures people’s attention. Whether you choose vibrant colors or black & white illustrations – make sure that your box stands out on the shelves and shows customers that you value quality packaging.

For example, some cosmetics packaging companies use die-cutting or spot UV to add texture to their packages. In contrast, others might include embossed or debossed details and matte finish lamination for a luxurious look.

Step 4: Graphics and Artwork Choice

Now move towards graphics, color scheme, and logo design. Having a healthy thought-out graphic design on your boxes adds a nice touch and helps establish your brand’s identity.

  • Select colors that best represent your brand’s values while still looking professional;
  • Avoid bright colors like neon if you want to achieve an upscale feel with your packaging design.
  • Consider including product images or customer testimonials if appropriate, as this gives potential customers insight into what they can expect from buying from your company.

Step 5: Print Vital Information on Your Boxes

It is essential to provide all the necessary information about your product in its package. Ensure that crucial details like the product’s name, manufacturing/expiry dates, barcodes, and company logo are included. So, customers know what they are buying from you and when it needs to be used. Also, remember to add legal disclaimers to ensure everything stays within legal bounds when selling products worldwide.

Step 6: Give a Finishing Touches

To add an extra layer of security for customers, seal your box with safety tapes at the sides, indicating if anyone has tampered with the product before delivery.

It would also ensure that customers get fresh cosmetics delivered right to their doorstep without worrying about any external contaminants entering their makeup bags.

Step 7: Protection and Product Safety

Finally, consider other protective features such as lamination or coating options. These options will help prevent damage during storage or shipping times by protecting from dust and water damage and increasing the shelf life of products within the box.

Adding foam inserts is another excellent way to keep fragile items secure without compromising aesthetics too much; ensure that any packaging material you use is compliant with eco-friendly standards before sending out packages.

Bottom Line

We hope this guide helps you in creating aesthetically pleasing yet durable boxes for your cosmetic products. Remember, pay attention to detail as every aspect of packaging adds up to make a beautifully finished package.