Soap Boxes

Design attractive custom soap boxes that convince potential customers to buy your product.

Bring Your Brand to Life With Custom Soap Boxes

Custom soap boxes are not only essential for established brands, but they are also vital for businesses that make organic handmade soaps. If you are starting a line of homemade soaps at home, you should consider them since they are perfect for building a new brand.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping and logistics in the USA.

Free Graphic Designing

Just share the idea, and we will create the design layout for free.

Quick Turn Around

Place the order, and you will not have to wait long for its delivery.

Material Options for Custom Soap Boxes

Choosing quality materials for your soap boxes will help you brand them effectively. Each material serves a different purpose. 

Kraft: Using kraft material is a great way to contribute to a healthy and green environment. Kraft soap boxes are an excellent option for brands seeking to lower their environmental impact.  

Cardboard: If you want to print soap boxes with a beautiful art style in vibrant colors, cardstock is the best choice. 

Are you still unsure of what material will work best for your soap box? We can assist you with your material needs.

Styles to Make Soap Boxes Look Different

Choosing the right box style can make an impact on the shelves. Here are some popular box styles for soaps you can choose from:

Tuck End box comes with top and bottom flaps tucked into the box to keep the soap enclosed.

Holster Box covers a portion of the soap bar, allowing the top of the soap bar to display. It is ideal for soaps that feature vibrant colors or interesting textures.

Soap Sleeves are covers used to enclose soap bars. They are typically made of cardboard or Kraft and are designed to fit perfectly around the soap bar. 

Boost Your Sales with Our Soap Box Packaging

Creating custom-printed soap box packaging with our team can be a great way to increase your product sales. Investing in high-quality packaging can make your product more attractive to potential customers and boost your bottom line. We also offer minimalistic packaging that will save your budget and benefit the environment around us. Moreover, you can try our add-ons and finishing options to add to the elegance of your boxes. In addition, you can try any box style like Tuck end, Auto bottom, Reversed tuck end boxes, and Seal end boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are charges for die-making and printing included in your prices?

No, we do not have any such expenditure for die-making and printing.

I want to get a quote for my packaging order. How do I do that?

The order placement and quote process are more than superficial; go to our specific page and place your order by filling out the form.

Is there a minimum order placement for packaging boxes that you accept?

No minimum order restriction is required when you finalize your deal with us.

Can you print my boxes on both sides?

Yes, you can place the printing requirement according to your specific needs and demands.

Can you provide stock variety for box packaging?

Yes, we have the complete facility to provide you with all sorts of stock and packaging material in-house.

Do we have the option of providing our design and style templates?

Yes, you can provide your artwork and designs. However, before that, you will have to confirm the format and template requirements by contacting our designers.