Small Business Packaging Ideas 2022 to Make Your Online Presence Pop


Since the invention of the commercial cardboard box in 1817, businesses have been using packaging to sell their products and services. But now that we’re living in the new millennium, companies have to get more creative with packaging their products to stand out from their competitors. That is also essential to gain a competitive edge on their market share. Due to the importance of packaging for your business, we have brought these Small Business Packaging Ideas 2022.

Why Need New Ideas for Small Business Packaging? 

There are numerous ways to improve your packaging, from adding value to your product to using unique colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. But the question is, why need all these ideas to make your products stand out from the rest of the pack?

The answer is more than superficial. As the competition in retail continues to grow and more small businesses open their doors daily, your business needs some new ideas to stand out from the crowd. It is also essential to make customers choose you over your competitors. You can best apply it to packaging like cosmetic boxes.

Now comes the question of how to do it. One of the best ways to do this is by creating custom packaging that allows your products to look unique and memorable on the shelf. Especially next to all other products with bland, generic packaging. 

For your convenience, we have brought some out-of-the-box Small Business Packaging Ideas 2022 that are simple yet applicable. These easy-to-use tips will help you create eye-catching packaging for any product without breaking your budget or going overboard with elegant flair.

2022 Small Business Packaging Ideas to Boost ROI

Small business owners constantly look for new ways to market their businesses and make more money. As technology advances, so do how products are packaged and shipped to consumers and businesses. So how can small business owners find new ways to package their products? Here are some ideas to get you started in 2022! You can use these tips for cosmetic boxes as they are or mix and match them to create your unique packaging ideas.

Add A Splash of Color with Custom Labels

You can make your small business products pop by adding a splash of color with custom labels. The first step is deciding what shape, size, and style you want your brand to be. Common shapes are circles, squares, triangles, or lines. 

Custom labels come in different sizes and styles, such as matte finish, glossy finish, die cut, or scored design. You can also choose a specific color or pattern for the background and the text for the font type and size.

Increase Your Productivity by Printing Multi-Purpose Shipping Tags

Printing your shipping tags is a great way to save time, money, and resources. It will also boost the importance of your small business, as we know that most items are sold through online sales. 

The first step in printing your shipping tags is deciding what size works best for you. For example, 8×2 labels work well on small or large box shipments because they provide space for tracking information. The other option is 8×1 labels which work well on mailers or flat envelope packages. 

Here are some of the advantages of publishing your shipping tags:

  • It costs less than the store-bought variety.
  • No waiting for delivery. 
  • Printing in color allows you to customize logos and graphics.

Ship in a Sturdy Corrugated Mailer

Packaging is a crucial component of small business success. It’s what first catches consumers’ eye and ultimately decides if they buy or not. One way you can create an impactful packaging design is by using a sturdy corrugated mailer. 

Mailers are perfect for shipping items, displaying your brand, or promoting new products at trade shows. They’re also affordable, eco-friendly, and reusable, so your shipping costs stay low, and your carbon footprint remains light. Some retailers and wholesalers are also applying it to boost the presence of their cosmetic boxes.

Save on Shipping Supplies When You Buy in Bulk

One way to boost your small business is through saving plans on your budget. For instance, you can save on shipping supplies by buying them in bulk. Then, when you purchase size, the shipping cost is included in the product cost, saving money on both ends of the transaction. 

In addition, when you buy products shipped and sold separately, many retailers will offer free shipping if you purchase a specific amount or more. For example, a retailer might provide free shipping if you spend more. This is a great way to get extra value when bargaining online or in the e-commerce industry.

Improve Product Visibility with Bold Dimensional Letters

You must ensure that your product’s packaging is not the same as everyone else’s. The easiest way to ensure this is by using custom dimensional letters on the front of your package. This will create a more cohesive and unified look for your products and make them stand out on store shelves. 

There are many different styles available, but it is essential to pick one that matches your brand’s style and will align with your overall marketing strategy. Look no further if you’re looking for a versatile, sustainable, and budget-friendly way of packaging your products for shipping or storage purposes.

Go Digital with Printable Labels from Online Resources

Today, there are a variety of online resources where you can find free templates for your products. However, if you’re going this route, it’s essential to read the instructions and ensure you have access to suitable materials before printing out your labels. The last thing that you want is a box of products with an expired label!

Even if you do not utilize the free templates, these will help you generate some new ideas. You will be able to see what other manufacturers are doing. If you acquire a great design, it will become a mark of recognition for your brand. Thus it will also help your brand boost.

In Nut Shell

Packaging is integral to any business and can help make your online products stand out. But you don’t have to go overboard with the packaging. Instead, consider these tips for packaging that will get your products noticed in 2022:

  • Use eye-catching colors
  • Utilize high-quality, sustainable materials.
  • Keep the design minimalistic.
  • Showcase the price point low
  • Put a QR code on your package.
  • Include an information card inside the box so shoppers know more about what they’re buying, who made it, and how they can contact you if they have any questions