12 Incredible Small Business Packaging Ideas that Help in Branding


Are you a new entrepreneur with a small set-up and looking for fabulous small business packaging ideas? I am sure you are! Starting a new business comes up with many challenges. One of them is packaging and branding as well. What if I tell you that you can also do branding with packaging? Yes, you read it right! It only demands the knowledge of the suitable packaging.

Always remember, the packaging is the first impression you give your customer. If a customer does not fall for your packaging, he will not purchase it, no matter how worthy your product is. 

In this article, you will find the most incredible small business packaging ideas that can also help you to brand your business. 

1. Custom Cardboard Packaging

Custom cardboard packaging is versatile and suitable for use in both large businesses and small set-ups. 

Using cardboard boxes can boost your small business when you’re up against more prominent and already established brands. This type of packaging can be tailored to fit the specifications of your product. 

Custom packaging helps to establish a unique brand identity, making it easy for customers to identify your products on store shelves. You can request a quote here today if you want fine custom cardboard packaging.

2. Themed packaging

Some businesses have peaks in sales depending on the time of year or special events. For example, boxed candles tend to be popular during Halloween and Christmas. 

Giving them a themed packaging option can catch the eye of potential customers who are already looking for such items.

Investing a little extra in themed packaging helps your brand stand out and make your customers happy. When you put a lot of thought into designing your packaging, it can inspire your customers to film an unboxing video and share it online.

It is basically like free advertising for you!

3. Vintage-style Packaging Boxes 

One of the small business packaging ideas that go hand in hand is Vintage-style Packaging boxes. Creating a brand that sticks in people’s minds is really helpful in making sure they remember you and keep coming back to you, even when they’re not currently in need of your product or service.

Vintage styles have gained popularity because they induce a sense of nostalgia and often represent a higher quality and value. 

Furthermore, odd shapes, unique colors, or custom designed-sticker with unique calligraphic font can make your packaging exciting and memorable for your customers.

4. Packaging with Thank You Note

There are always small gestures to show your customers that you have concerns about their happiness and satisfaction.

 If you want to boost your business’s image, including thank you notes and a bit about your company in your packaging is a great idea. It is a simple but effective way to connect with your customers and show them you appreciate their support.

Moreover, this opportunity could be used to offer a discount code for future purchases, request online reviews, and much more!

5. Minimalistic Packaging

Currently, everyone is done with multiple colors and rushy designs. Customers are now looking for simple, catchy ideas, as simplicity has its own beauty!

You can capture a brand’s vibe by keeping things simple and sleek. Muted colors, smooth lines, and small details can all come together to make a significant impact. 

The elegance and simplicity of minimalistic packaging make it a popular choice for modern consumers. By incorporating this style into their packaging, small businesses can create a memorable and visually appealing customer experience. 

Further, you can add some branded elements, like a catchy slogan or a cool logo, to make your brand stand out.

6. Colorful Packaging Tape

Using simple packaging with colorful tape is also one of budget-friendly small business packaging ideas. It is the cheapest way of branding your product. 

Coordinating the tape color with your brand’s logo is a simple way to make your products stand out. Alternatively, you can use different colored tapes to mark specific product lines, holiday specials, seasonal offers, and other promotions.

7. Color Gradients 

A color gradient is a neat trick that can add some visual interest by gradually shifting colors. It is an exciting way to make your package stand out and catch people’s attention.

All you need is an idea of popular colors that have already been successful in the market according to your product and see what colors are favored by consumers.

Are you looking for some eye-catchy color gradient designs? Our gradient generator is just what you need! You can effortlessly achieve the perfect look with a simple click – no graphic design experience is required.

Let’s get started!

8. Reusable Eco-friendly Packaging

Due to the enormous and fast changes in climate, everyone is concerned about everything that has a positive effect on the environment. Eco-friendly packaging is branding in itself due to its likeness to consumers.

Similarly, in packaging, consumers are now looking towards reusable eco-friendly packaging. It minimizes the use of materials and puts the budget in your pocket. Also, it has no negative environmental impact. 

 9. Die Cut Boxes with PVC Window

Custom die-cut boxes with PVC window is an excellent choice because it is charming and unique. Additionally, this packaging design allows you to display a more significant section of your product while protecting it from external factors.

Boxes and pouches with die-cut designs are perfect for showcasing your products on store shelves. A box of cookies displayed in a mouth-shaped cutout will catch consumers’ attention.

10. Pocket Packaging

Packaging products in pockets is a great way for small businesses to enhance customer experience. Wrap your product in Kraft paper to create front pockets, and then add a thank you card, business card, or dried flowers.

To secure the packaging, you can use twine, tape, or one of your logo stickers to promote your business. It is recommended to consider using eco-friendly materials like recycled paper, old newspapers, or magazines instead of traditional paper.

11. Pillow Boxes with Ribbons

If your product is small such as jewelry, food items, handmade soap, and cosmetics, you should go for cute packaging like pillow boxes with ribbons. To seal pillow boxes, use either tape or ribbons to secure the ends with an eye-like shape.

Moreover, you can create your logo on the side of a pillow box through stamping or printing to create brand recognition. It will not only look eye-catchy but will help you in branding your business.

12. Tags, Labels & Stickers with Your Brand Logo

If you’re a beginner and don’t have printed mailers or boxes yet, custom logo stickers, labels, and hand tags can be an effortless way to personalize your packages. They are also ideal for branding small items such as candles, handmade soap, and shampoo bars.

Crafting personalized tags, labels, and stickers with your logo is a fantastic way to build your brand identity. This approach is thoughtful, creative, and effective in promoting your business.