10 Small Business Ideas for Newbies


Starting your own business may seem daunting, but as these 10 small business ideas for newbies show, all it takes is an idea and some simple planning to start. In addition, these businesses can be done out of your home with little overhead and few employees. All that makes them a perfect starter business if you’re just new in the business world!

But before we get into ten potential ideas that might be perfect for someone just starting in the world of entrepreneurship, let’s talk about a few considerations. Let us dive into today’s blog post.

Why Start Your Own Small Scale Business?

Starting your own business can be scary, but it’s also gratifying. You get to call the shots and set your hours, which means you can enjoy more time with family and friends while earning extra income. All that will give you a sense of financial freedom that you did not have before.

However, the most challenging part is generating an idea. Your search is over if you are also searching for any such notion. Here are 10 small business ideas for newbies that can help you begin your entrepreneurial journey today!

1) Selling Something You Already Own

If you want to create a product-based business and don’t have a lot of startup funds, try selling something you already own. Of course, you’ll need to research to ensure there’s demand for your item and that the margins are worth your time, but many things can be resold with just a little TLC.

A well-presented piece of clothing, an old camera lens, or even outdated electronics can fetch more money on eBay than in a thrift store. You can also join various online forums for that purpose.

2) Taking Photos

Your photography business can be a great way to control your schedule and make enough money doing something you enjoy. Photo shoots range from traditional weddings, senior photos, family reunions, or your company’s annual holiday party. You can charge anywhere from 100-1000 $ per shoot, depending on what the client is looking for. You could even rent studio space if you want to set it up as a side hustle!

3) Teaching People a Skill

This small business idea is geared towards people with creative talent who want to make money. If you can think of something appealing, likely, someone else will too. Start by honing your skills and establishing an online presence (see our blog post on social media) to show off your portfolio and collect testimonials.

When you find your first clients, get them to pay for lessons in advance and cover any expenses associated with teaching them. Most importantly, be willing to compromise on price to bring in more students without breaking the bank. The key here is not just being a good teacher but offering the best service at the best price possible.

4) Offering Services Online

Providing services online is one of the most popular small business ideas because it’s straightforward. Services businesses, as they’re also called, are easy to start and maintain and can provide a decent income.

And since people often need help in a particular area, service-based entrepreneurs can quickly fill that need. So if you enjoy helping others or are knowledgeable in a specific area, offering services might be the right move for you.

5) Sell Merchandise-Based Cloth Products

One idea you might want to start with is a clothing line. The costs will be relatively low, whether the clothes are custom or through manufacturers. Plus, having a clothing line is one of the more common small business ideas.

The downside is that you will have to market your brand to grow it in your community. Working alone is not a good idea, so you will need employees and other resources as you go along.

6) Sell Packaging in Bulk on Etsy:

The beauty industry is lucrative and offers small business owners an opportunity to work with niche products without much competition. Buying in bulk benefits significant savings while catering to small niches such as vegan or gluten-free options. You can sell your cosmetic packaging that way.

7) Creating Courses for YouTube

A new and popular way to make money online is by teaching courses on YouTube and other famous platforms. These courses may be on any topic, but a more in-demand system will be on a specific niche.

This can give you more opportunities to find your place than the right one. Starting a course is easy enough. You must upload content, pick the right price point, and promote it on social media. What’s nice about this business idea is that you can work at your hours, giving you time and flexibility for other things like family or hobbies!

8) Private Labeling Business

Aspiring entrepreneurs may want to try their hand at private labeling. This sells products manufactured by other companies but using your brand name. It can be as simple as finding a manufacturer that makes products close to what you want to sell and getting your label from a business broker. You can even try it for cosmetic packaging.

You can also do the same by creating private labels for Amazon etc. Some small business owners may also buy brands through wholesale stores and industry trade shows, offering volume discounts based on the quantity purchased.

9) Finding Specific Niche Websites to Write

Having your blog is a great way to make money online. It will open doors for numerous online opportunities. However, if you’re just a beginner and don’t have your site yet, you will find multiple sites that will let you write articles for them.

Even if you write your blog, you can monetize it with AdSense and other such programs for earning. In the same way, you can try an affiliate marketing blog and sell different items and, in turn, get a handsome commission on each successful sale.

10) Advertise on Google/Facebook

Writing an ad for the world’s largest search engine is one of the most effective ways to find your first clients. Like a tweet or email blast, the key is targeting a specific audience with relevant, personalized messaging.

It’s also a great way to test interest and offer your service in more miniature stages before jumping in. Advertising on Facebook provides similar capabilities and access to Facebook Ads Manager and Google AdWords Campaigns via its advertising platforms.

Final Thoughts

Oddly, you’re starting your own business because you have an idea that needs to become a reality. You know the product or service, who would benefit from it, and what it would do for them; you need guidance on bringing it to life. Here are ten ideas to help you start with your small business empire.