Mascara Boxes

Create a Strong Shelf Impact and Brand Uplift with Custom Mascara Boxes. Try out Unique Printing and Designing Options to Grip the Attention of Your Target Audience.


Win New Customers with Amazing Mascara Packaging

Nowadays, makeup brands compete to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. To have your Mascara packaging noticed and chosen by consumers, you must ensure that your packaging is eye-catching and unique. Boxes for mascara products allow you to get creative with your design and make a statement. Consider using unusual shapes such as hexagons, circles, or even triangles to create a memorable and fantastic box. You can customize the box’s colors with vibrant hues like turquoise or hot pink or opt for subtle shades like pastels.

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Material Choices for Custom Printed Mascara Boxes

No cosmetic box manufacture is complete without proper material selection. In the case of custom-printed mascara boxes, we have the option of a paper board. As these are displayed on the retail racks in various stores, the heavy stock could be more suitable.

We have the following options of paperboard readily available for that purpose:

  • White paperboard
  • Non-bending paperboard
  • Metalized paperboard
  • Brown Kraft paperboard
  • Linen Stock

All the above stock types are compatible with all sorts of customization except Kraft, which has limited scope for personalization.

Branding and Mascara Boxes Wholesale Go Side by Side

Makeup and cosmetic boxes are only complete with the proper branding efforts by vendors and manufacturers. That process starts with the stock selection and ends with the finishing & add-ons. We have all these facilities under a single roof to save you time and money.

Our designers and layout experts use the space on the mascara boxes wholesale to showcase your product. Eye-catching logo design and graphics, such as a line drawing, are a part of it. We have a vast library of all sorts of fonts and design images for mascara packaging.

You can add engaging text with catchy slogans or quotes related to mascara and use fonts and typography to create a tremendous branding impact.


How to Distinguish Your Mascara Box Packaging?

Finally, unique finishing touches like metallic foils or glitter can make all the difference in making your mascara box stand alone on the retail shelves. This part of the customization is also a must-have to make a memorable impact on your target audience.

You can apply various coating options like:

  • Matte: this is best for an elegant textured look.
  • Gloss: you can try it for a more modern
  • Soft-touch: as the name signifies, it gives a softer touch to the box texture.


These are an essential part of the design and beauty and protect the packing from various external factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are charges for die-making and printing included in your prices?

No, we do not have any such expenditure for die-making and printing.

I want to get a quote for my packaging order. How do I do that?

The order placement and quote process are more than superficial; go to our specific page and place your order by filling out the form.

Is there a minimum order placement for packaging boxes that you accept?

No minimum order restriction is required when you finalize your deal with us.

Can you print my boxes on both sides?

Yes, you can place the printing requirement according to your specific needs and demands.

Can you provide stock variety for box packaging?

Yes, we have the complete facility to provide you with all sorts of stock and packaging material in-house.

Do we have the option of providing our design and style templates?

Yes, you can provide your artwork and designs. However, before that, you will have to confirm the format and template requirements by contacting our designers.