How to Stand Out With Ingenious Lipstick Packaging Ideas?


Because lipstick packaging boxes are so small, making them stand out on shelves with other brands of lipstick next to them can be challenging. However, you can use several tricks to make your lipstick packaging stand out in stores and online sites. We have brought you the following fantastic Lipstick Packaging Ideas for that purpose. Find out what works by reading the article below!

Use the Allure of Holograms for Lipstick Boxes

A recent trend in the beauty industry is holograms on custom lipstick packaging boxes. Holograms add a layer of protection to your product and make it stand out on store shelves. Plus, they’re fun and eye-catching, which can help draw attention to your brand. Here are a few tips for making the most of holograms on your custom lipstick boxes.

Use Them Sparingly

Too many holograms can be overwhelming and take away from the focus of your product. So think about where you might want to put them on your custom lipstick box packaging – like over the logo or across one side of the box – and then stick with that number throughout all pieces.

Pick Contrasting Color Schemes

If you have white designs that will show up against a dark background, go with silver or black instead of gold or other light colors so that they pop off the plan and won’t blend into anything else around them. Though these color schemes can be costly, they would pay you back. Let us explain some more lipstick packaging ideas.

Emphasize Your Logo Design as a Marketing Tool

A great logo is the first step to making your brand identity. It should be unique, memorable, and used consistently across all your marketing materials. For example, use a high-quality logo on your custom lipstick packaging boxes to make a solid first impression. Here are some excellent tips by our designers and layout experts:

Put Your Packaging Design & Logo Prominently

Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your packaging logo design. Bright colors, patterns, and interesting shapes will help your boxes stand out on store shelves. Also, include eye-catching visuals on the back of your package, like a list of ingredients or positive reviews from previous customers. You can also use additional space for customer testimonials and special offers that are only available now.

Choose Logo Color According to Company Profile

Some would choose sharp colors for their logo design. Though it will make their design stand out, it will not be fruitful if it is not according to the company profile. A logo will uplift your brand only if you create it with your company theme color.

Size of the Lipstick Packaging

The size of your lipstick packaging boxes matters when making a statement. It is above all the packaging ideas for lipstick. If you want your parcels to be noticed, make them more significant than the average size. Use bright colors and patterns to make them even more eye-catching.

Choose Unique Shapes and Styles

You can choose from various forms, including circular, square, triangular, octagonal and hexagonal. The size you choose should depend on the product you’re packing in the box – smaller for something lightweight like lip balm, larger for heavier items like mascara.

Try Out the Magic of Add-ons and Embellishments

Another idea is to go with gold or silver metallic foil, which will always stand on store shelves. You can also go with bold patterns like zebra stripes or leopard print. For something a little different, use different colored paper for the inside of your box. Add some bling with glittery stickers, rhinestones, or sequins for an extra touch. Here are some ways to customize your lipstick packaging boxes

  • Write a catchy slogan in big letters
  • Print a clever saying next to your logo
  • Put quotes from famous people on the side
  • Include colorful graphics or drawings

Add Metallic Finishes

Adding metallic finishes is one way to make your lipstick packaging boxes stand out. This can be done using metallic paper or adding a foil stamp. Metallic finishes add a touch of luxury and can make your parcels look more expensive. Plus, they’ll help your packages stand out on store shelves.

You can even get creative with the metal by applying it in different shapes and designs. These details will draw the eye to your product and make it seem more appealing than it would if it were sitting next to other boxes that didn’t have these finishing touches. It’s also important to pay attention to how you present your products when showcasing them on the shelf.

When displaying more oversized items like lipstick packaging boxes, ensure you don’t stack them vertically. Instead, try spacing them out horizontally so that shoppers can see all the different options you offer without having to do additional digging for what they’re looking for.

Get Creative with Color Combinations

One way to make your lipstick packaging boxes stand out is by getting creative with color combinations. For example, you can use colors that complement or create a bold contrast. You can also experiment with different finishes, such as matte or gloss. And don’t forget to add embellishments, like sequins or glitter to make your boxes pop.

Add Clear Die Cut Window Panels

Transparent window panels are a great way to make your lipstick packaging boxes stand out. They give customers a clear view of the product, which can help increase sales. In addition, they’re easy to add to any box design and can be customized to fit your brand. Here are a few tips for making the most of clear window panels:

  • Keep them close to the front edge of the lid so that it’s easy for customers to see what’s inside.
  • Using contrasting colors on your packaging, use lighter colors on the inside so that people can easily read what’s written on it.
  • On both sides of the window panel, use an ad slogan or branding statement in large letters or with high contrast coloring so that it stands out.


Custom lipstick packaging boxes can be a great way to promote your brand and increase sales. But how can you make sure your boxes stand out from the competition? The above tips and guidelines would help you in this regard. First, make sure your custom lipsticks come in various shades and types, including neutral, bright, satin, matte, cream-to-powder, etc. It’s best to offer as many shades as possible so customers can find one that suits their needs.