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Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry packaging is becoming more and more popular as it helps your jewelry items appear more unique in the market. Using customized packaging can help you to create a better brand image in the market. Get your custom packaging from custom cosmetic packaging in order to make sure that you can stand out in the market. Each packaging we manufacture complies with the standards of our clients. We believe every piece of jewelry has its own story, and the packaging is the only way to tell that story! Having custom packaging by your side will make it easier for you to attract your customers. Our experts have a variety of designs and styles from which you can have one to put on your boxes. Furthermore, we have an experienced team who will be happy to assist you with every aspect of custom packaging! With us, you can have your packaging in any size and shape you desire, as our experts are highly trained to do so! Let’s get started today! Show off your premium accessories to your customers with custom jewelry boxes.

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Jewelry Packaging: Make Your Luxury Items Stand Out in The Market!

Jewelry packaging boxes are becoming more popular day by day, as it helps to showcase products in an attractive manner! Custom packaging has been part of the market for a decade now. And if you still are using plain packaging to display your jewelry items, then you are outdated. We make sure that every packaging of yours becomes the trend of the market. Those days are long gone when people used to buy the product without concern about its packaging. Nowadays, people judge a product on the basis of its packaging, for which it has become necessary to have custom packaging for your products! Our experts take pride in manufacturing your packaging. It doesn’t matter whether you want to package for placing necklaces or earrings. We can assist you with all.

Our customization process is extensive yet quick!

Our Customization Starts With

  • Selection of raw material
  • Sizes and Shapes
  • Custom Designs

Selection of Raw Material

One of the most vital steps in the manufacturing process is determining the appropriate raw material. The packaging material that is perfect for jewelry packaging is either cardboard or corrugated. Both of the material shares the same property! Being lightweight and durable, they are perfect for custom jewelry packaging. However, it is up to you which material you want to go with. The only difference that you will notice between the two is their texture and weight.

Sizes and Shapes

We have a variety of sizes and shapes available for our packaging, which we manufacture according to your specifications! You can choose any custom-made packaging from us! It is your choice how big or small you want your jewelry boxes to be. With us, we will guide you through the entire process of custom packaging.

Custom Designs

Our experts can make your packaging fit in any shape and size so that it can be custom-made according to your requirements. With us, you can choose from our vast collection of custom designs! We know that you have a specific requirement, and therefore our experts are always ready to assist you! You can approach us with your ideas, and they will be able to transform them into a reality.

Our designs are etched (not screened!), so they will last the life of your cosmetic boxes. Etching has been in the manufacturing process of packaging since now, and as a result, it has become one of the most popular ways to get custom-made designs on your packaging. Additionally, you can rest assured that we will never compromise our quality and standards when it comes to etching!

Here’s A Glimpse of What We Offer in Jewelry Boxes

As jewelry has different categories, just like that, the packaging varies. below are some of the types that you can have from us.

Luxury Necklace Packaging

Bring the elegance of your necklace to the next level with these custom necklace boxes. Featuring a lovely satin ribbon handle, these jewelry boxes are made from high-quality materials and can be applied to store other accessories as well. If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep all your jewelry in one place, then necklace packaging is perfect!

Custom Earring Packaging

Our custom earring boxes are an excellent way to package your products since they store, protect and showcase in a very classy way. Earring packaging can be tailor-made according to your preferences and needs. As well as, you can have them in any shape according to the jewelry packaging of your product.

Add-Ons to Make Your Product Look More Luxurious

This is where CCP shines. We have a range of add-ons that you can choose from. For example, if you want to make your packaging more luxurious, then we can add your exclusive logo to it!

If you are still in doubt, then you should ask our professionals. They will be happy to assist you with every aspect of makeup boxes and will guide you on how to promote your products in the market for future generations!

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Our experts are always on the lookout for new ways of making your product appear more appealing in the market. We have manufactured packaging that is eco-friendly so that it is safe for you to use. Furthermore, we have a range of eco-friendly packaging options for you!

Our customers prefer etching over screen printing as it is less expensive to manufacture and will last longer, which makes it perfect for products like jewelry!

Why Choose Us?

We are customized, reliable, and affordable! So, we make all our packaging according to your requirements, which means you will find it unique! We do not compromise on quality, which is why only the best material is utilized in our manufacturing process. We are not just reliable but also affordable. You don’t have to worry about the budget as we provide you with precise estimates of all our packaging prices beforehand. No matter how big or small your order is, you can be assured that we will do it for you.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Logistics and turnaround time
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • No MOQ

Logistics and Turnaround Time

When it comes to Custom Cosmetic Packaging, we are a leading company that stands out from the crowd. We can always cater to your last-minute requirements. Our turnaround time is quick and efficient! If you have any problem with the timing of your shipment, then you can rest assured that we will fulfil your request! Although we stick to our deadlines, if you need any change in the schedule, then we will do it for you without any cost addition.


We have a range of options available in our pricing terms, which means that you can choose from the menu according to your budget! Moreover, e make sure that you will be able to get the best quality for an affordable price as we also deal in jewelry boxes wholesale! If you are looking for rational charges for custom packaging then our packaging is ideal for you.


At CCP, we don’t require any minimum order quantity (MOQ). You can order as little as one piece of packaging from us and still get the same quality.

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