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Foundation boxes protect and preserve your favorite makeup foundation from deterioration caused by weather and water. They feature appealing print and design, making them even more versatile objects of diverse consumption. We at Custom Cosmetic Packaging take pride in providing you with the custom packaging solutions and the broadest array of custom boxes on the market. These boxes provide an excellent opportunity to create a professional and appealing presentation for your product, which is first and foremost rational from the economic point of view. A proper foundation box gives confidence to your customers that their purchase is tailor-made wisely and that it will meet all their expectations upon delivery. Our experts can guide you on having the perfect box for your foundations and can make your product more luxurious! Our team of highly experienced professionals can provide you with a multitude of sophisticated options for your custom box needs, such as sizes, shapes, and custom designs. With us, you can have your custom foundation boxes with some unique appearances on the basis of your product appearance and stand out in the market.

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Bring Value to Your Foundation Boxes with Custom Visuals

The essence of beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and that’s what makes every foundation packaging so different from the others. However, when you think about it, there are so many similar items in all of them! So how do you make yours stand out? With custom visuals! Those are images that are tailor-made to your brand, mission, and values, and they help you excitingly convey your personality and aesthetic. So how do you incorporate custom visuals into your foundation box? We at CCP can help you to achieve this by providing high-quality custom boxes for your products! And don’t worry, our experts can walk you through all the steps and make your custom box a reality!

Here’s A Glimpse of What We Have for You

Our customization process is vast but faster than ever! We make sure to cover every aspect of the packaging our client might need! Our customization process starts from:

Selecting the Appropriate Raw Material

One of the most vital aspects of any custom foundation packaging is to select the appropriate raw material! In order to make your custom packaging boxes more competitive in the market, we use cardboard. This material is not only highly durable but also has a beautiful and eye-catching surface. It can be made from recycled materials and is recyclable. Our experts at CCP will help you choose a material that fits your product best and serves the functions of your custom box!

Printing and Designing

We have some of the most talented designers in the industry! They know exactly how to tailor-make your custom foundation boxes so they fit your brand identity perfectly. Our experts will be able to provide you with some design concepts for your foundation packaging boxes. After that, you will get the opportunity to select the one that best suits your product and brand. Then, we will work together to fine-tune it! And as always, we are eager to help you with that! And don’t forget – if you want a unique design, our experts can help with this too!

Sizes and Shapes

Because the market is so huge, you need to make sure that your customer base is expanded so your custom foundation boxes are appealing to them, and the best way to do this is by giving them the opportunity to choose different shapes and sizes. And with us, you can get foundation boxes from a wide range of shapes and sizes with material thicknesses ranging from 5mm – 20mm! Moreover, we also provide you with some non-standard shapes for your products – unique items with unique dimensions. These come in handy when you need something different for more than one item in your collection.

Add-Ons to Strike Out in The Market

What would be the point of having custom printed foundation boxes if you can’t tailor-make them to suit your brand and make them stand out in the market? The good thing is that we have an arsenal of options for you to customize your cosmetic boxes! Leave it to our experts and they will give your products a unique look that is sure to make them stand out! It might seem daunting, but believe us – there are only a few things that need to go into making this happen. 

Advertise Your Product Via Custom Boxes with Window

Your makeup boxes should have a unique look, so why not incorporate them into your window design? We at CCP can provide you with a wide range of custom windows and add-ons that are perfect for your products! From graphics and images to graphics and texts, you will get the opportunity to customize your foundation boxes in all ways!

What Makes Us So Exceptional?

We at CCP are working hard to make our brand a leader in the industry. The success of the company is directly correlated with our customer’s satisfaction, as they are the one who keeps us going! We strive to provide them with products and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations!

Our Competitive Edge

We are constantly looking for ways to be better, and our experts are always exploring new custom foundation packaging possibilities. As a result, we have come up with some amazing new ideas for making your products stand out. These include customizing special materials and delivering them to you in a series of custom boxes and at the same time, we strive to offer our clients the most value for their money with the best quality! Here’s what we are known for:

Fastest Turnaround Time

We take 7 – 10 days to deliver your packaging solution to your doorstep, as we know that you have a business to run! And you can have free shipping as well if you opt to place bulk order, and along with wholesale rates!

Free Design & Free Quote

We are here to assist you with your custom foundation boxes regardless of how many items and designs you want! We are always ready to help! And if that’s not enough – we provide free design, free quote, and a custom box builder for your orders!

Perfect Quality at Reasonable Prices

We offer competitive prices with the most competitive quality! We have consistent performance and high-quality products that meet your needs. And we are always ready to talk to you about our different custom packaging options. Don’t hesitate – to contact us today for more information!

3D Mockups

We make sure that we provide each and every one of our customers with the highest quality possible. That’s why we work closely with you during the entire design and production process to ensure that your custom foundation boxes will impress your customers!

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