Bath Bomb Boxes

Custom bath bomb boxes designed with your product-specific artwork will give your customers a luxury experience even before they use your products.

Custom Bath Bomb Boxes - Perfect for Retail Display

We help you create custom bath bomb boxes featuring your brand’s logo tagline and insights into what makes your business and products unique. As a result, you will be able to boost sales and establish a strong brand identity for your bath bomb manufacturing business. By creating your own bath bomb boxes, you can market your unique offers and reach a wider audience. You can display bath bombs in a custom bath bomb box, which increases the overall shopping experience for your customers and makes them more visible on the shelves.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping and logistics in the USA.

Free Graphic Designing

Just share the idea, and we will create the design layout for free.

Quick Turn Around

Place the order, and you will not have to wait long for its delivery.

Product Specifications

DimensionsAll Sizes & Shapes
Stock14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 24pt
ColorClassic White, Premium White, Brown Kraft
Color MatchingCMYK, Pantone
Printing OptionsInside, Outside, Both
Sample3D Mockup, Physical
MOQNo Minimum Order
Production7 to 10 Business Days 


Select Material - Create your Own Bath Bomb Boxes

Below are the materials to choose from for your bath bomb boxes. 

Cardboard: Cardboard bath bomb boxes are highly customizable. Cardboard material is economical, durable, versatile, and fully customizable when it comes to design and printing. You can customize the packaging by adding various graphics, colors, and designs to create a cohesive branding image and enhance the visual appeal. 

Kraft: Kraft bath bomb boxes are crafted from Kraft paper, a popular material for brands seeking to reduce their carbon footprint because of its natural appearance and eco-friendliness. The only downside is that it offers few customization options and is a bit dull in color printing.

Corrugated: Due to the fluted layer of corrugated bath bomb boxes, they are highly durable and resistant to impact. Also, these boxes provide cushioning and additional protection during transportation and storage.

Choose from Popular Bath Bomb Box Styles or Create a Custom

For bath bomb packaging, there are several popular styles available. Our designers will create whatever you imagine if you want to go custom.

Tuck End (Straight and Reverse)

Most bath bombs come in this type of box. A simple, classic design features tuck-in flaps at the top and bottom. Bath bombs will remain secured by tucking the flaps on top and bottom together.

Die-cut Window Box

Bath bomb boxes with windows are a great way for brands to showcase their products visually. Bath bombs can be viewed through a clear plastic window. Boxes can have windows on top, sides, or front, depending on the design and the brand’s preferences.

Adding Embellishments to Your Bath Bomb Boxes is a Fantastic idea

The beauty of bath bombs lies in the colors, the scents, and the fun they offer. The same goes true for your bath bomb boxes as well. We offer various finishes and add-ons to your design, allowing you to print it in any color you like. Make your products stand out on the shelf by using our premium finishing options: 

  • Gloss Lamination: Provide a shiny appearance and reflect light
  • Matte lamination: Non-shiny surface that does not reflect light
  • Soft-touch: Provides a smooth texture with a velvety feel.

Your packaging can also be made more aesthetic and appealing to your customers by adding a few extra elements like:

  • Embossing & debossing 
  • Hot foil stamping 
  • UV printing
  • Die-cut windows

Frequently Asked Questions

Are charges for die-making and printing included in your prices?

No, we do not have any such expenditure for die-making and printing.

I want to get a quote for my packaging order. How do I do that?

The order placement and quote process are more than superficial; go to our specific page and place your order by filling out the form.

Is there a minimum order placement for packaging boxes that you accept?

No minimum order restriction is required when you finalize your deal with us.

Can you print my boxes on both sides?

Yes, you can place the printing requirement according to your specific needs and demands.

Can you provide stock variety for box packaging?

Yes, we have the complete facility to provide you with all sorts of stock and packaging material in-house.

Do we have the option of providing our design and style templates?

Yes, you can provide your artwork and designs. However, before that, you will have to confirm the format and template requirements by contacting our designers.