Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Create custom cosmetic packaging that perfectly fits your product and brands in-store and online. Customize your cosmetic boxes with your unique ideas and express the beauty of your brand.

Design your Own Custom Cosmetic Boxes

As your packaging partner, Custom Cosmetic Packaging (CCP) will help you achieve the packaging goals you have set. With us, you can create a design that shows what your brand is all about. Our custom cosmetic boxes provide a one-stop solution for all cosmetic packaging needs. If you don’t find what you need on our website, simply ask for a custom quote.

Our Top Products

Custom Cosmetic Packaging: More than Just a Pretty Packaging

Fully customizable, every custom cosmetic box we create is crafted with your customers in mind, specifically for you – in the best possible way. With an unforgettable unboxing experience unlike any other, your package will make a lasting impression on display or in the mail. 

Your cosmetic brand deserves custom cosmetic packaging made from sustainable materials, impeccable print quality, and picture-perfect design. No matter your industry, business, or purpose, we can create a packaging design that will impress you.


Your new manufacture routine in 3 easy steps

Get Retail Qualified with Our Luxury Cosmetic Packaging

Do you find it challenging to enter big retail stores? Our packaging experts and professional designers will help you create luxury cosmetic packaging for your brand. We offer premium packaging solutions to help your cosmetic brand gain exposure and find its place on the shelves of big retail stores!

Why Choose CCP?

Green Packaging Solutions

At CCP, we focus on green and eco-friendly solutions. We are concerned about the well-being of our environment, and all our manufacturing is based on that rule.

Free and Fast Shipping

Fast delivery is a mandatory aspect of cosmetic packaging solutions. We make sure that your order is not delayed at any cost. The moment you finalize the quote, we start work on it.

Wholesale Rates

Price plans are a big hurdle in quality packaging. However, at CCP, we have wholesale rates that will save you extra expense on each project.

Fast Turnaround

Fast production is our trademark at CCP. Our production team does not waste any time working on your order and delivers the product thunder fast.

Clients Feedback

James Luke

We are a beauty product company, and we often need new and latest designs of packaging solutions for that purpose. CCP has never disappointed us. They have a great tradition of in-time delivery and strict quality assurance. All that was enough to make us their repeat customers.

Edward Hagins

What I like most about the team of CCP is that they are knowledgeable and at home in their respective fields. Whether their designers or individuals working at the press, they would furnish you with friendly advice whenever you need it.

Eddie R. Crum

They have a great response time. Even when the production was under process, they would respond to all our messages and calls. Their customer support team is always there to resolve the slightest issue we might face during our order completion.

What's the production time for your packaging?

You can expect to receive your sample within 1-2 weeks. If you're satisfied, you can order in bulk; this will guarantee a faster turnaround for your order.

What's the minimum order quantity?

Any of your custom boxes will be tailor-made precisely according to your requirements. So, the minimum order quantity is totally up to you.

How many colors/images can I select?

You can choose from any color or pattern, as well as any picture that you want. But, it must match your brand and product.

What's the lead time for your custom packaging?

It'll take 1-2 weeks for your customized cosmetic boxes to arrive at the store after we receive your sample. Recheck until 100% accuracy of final packaging design!

How many designs are available for my order?

We have hundreds of custom designs that you can choose from on our site. Whether you want to stick with the same design or choose something different for your boxes, we'll be happy to help! 

What's the difference between your custom cosmetic boxes and our regular ones?

Manufacturers finish the regular cosmetic packaging. On the other hand, all of our packagings undergo the customization process by us. The customized material will depend upon what you want if. It's cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated cardboard. If there are any special labeling or printing concerns, we'll inform you about them beforehand so that you can decide whether it'll work for you and your product.

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